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Ghost 180 Yacht

December 20, 2009

Recession? Ozone problems? Water pollution? Starvation? Fuck that! says Superyacht Design! (all that stuff is sad and un-sexy) Check out the new mammoth concept Yacht for all that bail out money to be used towards…The Ghost 180. This thing swabs it’s own deck in glamourous nonsense..but let’s face it…It’s pretty cool lookin’ Check out the description too. Enjoy

Ghost 180
By SuperyachtDesign. Dec 14, 2009

“Bold, confident, well proportioned and balanced. A unique and unmistakable design.” These are the words that Bjorn Moonen from Ghost Yachts used to describe the new Ghost 180 design – the first project to be unveiled by the Dutch company Ghost Yachts and Gloss Design.

According to Moonen “the design is the most important detail of a superyacht….The design requires more creativity and vision because it taps into people’s emotions and imagination.” At the start of this project he got in touch with Stefano Carugno of Gloss Design to talk to him about the concept. From their extensive background in automotive and industrial design, Gloss Design presented him with a basic sketch that was exactly what Moonen had envisaged (“a big relief to finally find a company with an equal vision). Within weeks the first basic CAD models were developed and became the foundations for the G180 project.

The intention of the tri-deck Ghost 180 was to reflect technology and innovation, and to create a form that displays a sophisticated and uncomplicated design. “My idea was to create a modern sophisticated yacht with an unmistakable styling and a broader focus on sustainability”, Moonen explains, “which not only focused on emissions, but also on the sourcing of the materials and the construction procedure in general.”

With input from the industry, various layouts have been tried and tested, resulting in Ghost Yachts choosing to present a preliminary layout that will inspire owners to rethink the way they arrange their yachts rather than offering a fixed option. This layout shows logical onboard logistics for both crew and guests and emphasises its flexibility by rearranging the usual location of the cabins.

The production engineering of the Ghost 180 is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2010.

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