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Party Down = Best Comedy Show

April 8, 2010

Party Down on the Starz network is a hit!

Hey I got a question for you all? Why is this show not winning awards?

you heard of Party Down? NO. Have you seen it? NO. You know why? Because its on Starz, the worst TV channel ever sine UPN.

We at the Ballast were tipped off by our genius friend Proper Gentleman after a few beers he leaked his love for this show and forced our editor to watch it…Needless to say it was amazing. Do yourself a favor, and sit down on Netflix on Demand and watch this now.

Here is the synopsys from the website here.

Also here is a trailer to peak your interest for the upcoming second season.

Love, The Ballast.

The catering crew from “Party Down” is back. And they’re all dressed up and going nowhere. The all-new season, beginning
April 23, finds our dreamers stuck working for tips while struggling to get the life they really want.

Now that Henry (Adam Scott) is finally the manager, he’s not sure how to feel about it. However, after failing to start his own business, Ron (Ken Marino) would trade places with Henry in a heartbeat. Back from her stint doing stand-up on a cruise ship, Casey (Lizzy Caplan) is hoping to break out as a comedienne. Kyle (Ryan Hansen) is handsome, talented, and on the verge of being a star. At least in his own mind. And Roman (Martin Starr) is still waiting for the world to see his genius. The newest member of the staff, Lydia (Megan Mullally), is in L.A. to achieve stardom for her 13-year-old daughter, Escapade.

Follow this ensemble cast each week as they work all-new parties, mingle with the guests and dabble in their dramas.

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