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Woods Bagot and Buro Happold create ‘zero-e’ Building

June 22, 2010

We at the Ballast Love a good architectural rendering of futuristic buildings, especially when it’s ‘green’. This is one of them…
Woods Bagot and Buro Happold: ‘zero-e’

Like This!

International companies – architectural firm woods bagot and multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy buro happold – have developed a ‘zero emissions design’ (zero-e) – a new model for large-scale sustainable development that significantly advances the construction industry’s contribution to realizing a zero carbon economy by 2050. the announcement was made at the 2010 bloomberg businessweek global green business summit in shanghai.

the ‘zero-e’ pilot project examines the development potential of an industrial site on the yangtze river in chongqing, china. the study scheme proposes a 450,000-square-meter mixed-use development, featuring an 82-storey office and hotel tower, which will continually monitor and react to internal and external climatic conditions for maximum performance. a ‘holistic resource system’ integrates photovoltaics, solar thermal panels, absorption chillers, a bio-gas fuel cell and an anaerobic waste digester into a closed-loop system that greatly improves the building’s operational performance while minimizing resource consumption and waste production. beyond the technological advancements, zero-e’s systems approach encompasses the human dimension of sustainable development, seeking to create socially and economically thriving communities that:

– produce zero emissions
– create more energy than they require on an annual basis
– process their own waste and release only beneficial output
– release cleaner air than they takes in
– heal compromised sites and ecosystem
– restore natural habitat
– reconnect humans and nature
– increase occupant health
– build financial value with ecological value
– exhibit material integrity
– delight and beautify their surroundings
– supply 100% of their water needs using collection and closed loops

Woods Bagot and Buro Happold undertook extensive research, including the development of new parametric modelling, tools to design and test zero-e concepts. in the pilot project’s next phase, the partnership will collaborate with development partners in the application of zero-e solutions.

via Designboom


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