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MIA Plays The Creators Project NYC Launch Event Tomorrow!

June 25, 2010

Like This!

After the talk of a ‘Special Guest’ It has come out that MIA is going to be the special guest of The Creators Project according to Culture Vulture and Brooklyn Vegan

The Creators Project Launch Event starts tomorrow at Milk Studios in New York City. The Salon style exhibition and major music event of the next generation starts here. Since Intel and VICE partnered up to create this series of events and original coverage of their deemed ‘creators’ the buzz has been heavy, and we are ready to see this thing blast off the ground as event comers flock to MAnhattan’s West Side to see some of the top artists and musicians of today all under one roof.

If you are not lucky enough to be inside the entire event will be live streaming on the Creators Project Website

The whole goings-on is below in neat lists for you!


The Digital Flesh by Radical Friend, A Sculpture of the Album by xx, Triptych & Hereafter by United Visual Artists, My Secret Heart by Mira Calix, Rainbow Vomit by MOS Architects, Melter 2 by Takeshi Murata, A.D.A.B.A. by Nick Zinner, Cube by Muti Randolph, L.A.S.E.R. Tag by Graffiti Research Lab, O.S.S.I. by Hojun Song, Jetpack Baseball & NIDHOGG by Mark Essen, Frozen Event by Ricardo Carioba, and Shred Master Pro by Legs.


Interpol, Mark Ronson, Die Antwoord, Neon Indian, The Rapture, Sleigh Bells, Gang Gang Dance, Salem, and Very Special Guests.


I’m Here by Spike Jonze, ODDSAC by Danny Perez and Animal Collective, A Room With A Cat by Peng Lei, The Face by Ray Lei, Pixels by Patrick Jean, Go Fast Connexion by Ladj Ly, and 3 films by Sun Haipeng.


N.A.S.A., XXXChange, Lemonade, and Mira Calix.

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