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The Creators Project NYC Launch Recap

June 28, 2010

Like This!

Saturday was The Creators Project Launch event at Milk Studios. This was an event of epic proportions. Not only were there killer installations by some of the most innovative technology based artists, but the music line ups and execution was no short of easily the illest event of the summer. It would be hard to top it…

There are a few photos below of some of the installations and performances. Die Antwoord, Sleigh Bells, NASA and MIA made the poured concrete 2nd floor gallery of Milk bellowing to crowd and the insane energy The Creators Project brought. The line ups and installations are below as well.

VIP Penthouse Control Center

Rooftop Live Projections


Die Antwoord

Mira Calix

Graffiti Research Lab

Muti Randolph



The Digital Flesh by Radical Friend, A Sculpture of the Album by xx, Triptych & Hereafter by United Visual Artists, My Secret Heart by Mira Calix, Rainbow Vomit by MOS Architects, Melter 2 by Takeshi Murata, A.D.A.B.A. by Nick Zinner, Cube by Muti Randolph, L.A.S.E.R. Tag by Graffiti Research Lab, O.S.S.I. by Hojun Song, Jetpack Baseball & NIDHOGG by Mark Essen, Frozen Event by Ricardo Carioba, and Shred Master Pro by Legs.


Interpol, Mark Ronson, Die Antwoord, Neon Indian, The Rapture, Sleigh Bells, Gang Gang Dance, Salem, and Very Special Guests.


I’m Here by Spike Jonze, ODDSAC by Danny Perez and Animal Collective, A Room With A Cat by Peng Lei, The Face by Ray Lei, Pixels by Patrick Jean, Go Fast Connexion by Ladj Ly, and 3 films by Sun Haipeng.


N.A.S.A., XXXChange, Lemonade, and Mira Calix.

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  1. Oliver Hood permalink
    June 30, 2010 11:21 am

    This is an amazing event, I cannot wait for the london launch and if you are like me. make sure you register!

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