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Levi’s New Campaign + Jeep’s New Campaign are All America

July 8, 2010

The great initiative/ad campaign that Levi’s launched focusing on Braddock, PA the flailing rust belt failure town in its birth of revival is a great mix of wonderful photography, documentary shorts and good ole’ denim products.

Like This!

You can see some of the creative below.

What is interesting, and tends to happen to great ideas, especially after the push to go back to good old hard work after a recession caused by suits, is a extremely similar campaign by Jeep!

Seems that W+K had a great idea and were able to sell it to two different brands…To be honest, caps off to them, it’s a good idea and it seems to work for both brands.

The details of the Levi’s campaign are as follows, but what is even more interesting is that Weiden + Kennedy did the Jeep campaign as well.

Advertising Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, Portland, USA
Executive Creative Directors: Mark FItzloff / Susan Hoffman
Creative Director: Tyler Whisnand, Danielle Flagg, Don Shelford
Copywriter: Nathan Goldberg, Antony Goldstein
Art Director: Julia Blackburn, Mike Giepert
Typographer + Typeface: Steve Denekas
Studio Artists: Lis Moran, Steve Denekas, Christina Piluso, Ken Berg, Karen Koch
Account Team: Andrew Schafer, Tamera Geddes, Jessie Young
Project Manager: Jane Monaghan
Art Buyer: Natalie Flemming
Photographer: Melodie McDaniel
Re-toucher: Kyle Pero, Amy Corcoran

(info via ibelieveinadv)

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