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An Interview with William Hundley

July 16, 2010

After coming across William Hundley’s work, we here at The Ballast HQ had some questions for him. Hundley’s work is funny, innovative and enthralled us with excitement.

Hundley is originally from St. Paul, and lives and works in Austin Texas. He recently was in the show “One Hour Photo” at the American University Museum in Washington, DC, and has a hefty resumé of solo shows as well as numerous group shows.

An Interview with William Hundley

Photo by Romina Olson |

B: Let’s start with your beginnings in art. How did you get where you are as an artist?

WH: Swinging and missing. Swinging and missing. Swinging and hitting something. Etc.

B: A large majority of your work involves intricate installations that are photographed, what is your process when creating works like this?

WH:I start with an idea and then let it wander around for a while until it becomes a different idea. I photograph the process.

B: Your work with sheets and various materials floating juxtaposed with people or other objects seems to create a real and abstract next to each other. What do you achieve to convey in these works, like your ‘Entoptic Phenomena’?

WH: Visual confusion, mystery, intrigue, and humor.

B: ‘w/ Cheeseburgers’ really brings out the humor and literal-ness of your work, steering away from your floating fabric pieces. Where are you trying to go with this type of work. do you see yourself moving forward with this?

WH: I definitely see myself moving forward.

B: What is a typical day of William Hundley?

WH: Wake up, call in sick to work, get drunk, pass out, wake up, get drunk again, eat, pass out. Just kidding…

B: How do you choose your landscapes? Do you scout out spots or do you just go out and shoot?

WH: I make notes of locations as I drive around town. Once the shooting begins then anything can happen.

B: What is your process of choosing the different textured and colored fabrics for your pieces?

WH: The fabrics I use are from friends or purchased from Goodwill / Salvation Army. I use anything I can get my hands on.

B: Why do you choose photography rather than, say painting these works?

WH: It’s much easier.

William’s new exhibit opens this week. Details below!

Today’s Headlines Wrap Tomorrow’s Fish

A multi-media installation by William Hundley

613 Allen Street
Austin, TX 78702
(512) 300-8217

Opening Reception: Saturday, July 17, 7-11PM
Viewable by Appointment Only Through July 24
Closing Reception: Saturday, July 24, 7-11PM

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