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Jim Warren: Painter of Awesome

September 21, 2010

After the Storm

We came across Jim Warren’s work looking at a mural website. We were so taken back by this mystical work that we had to show you all. Below are a selection of works from Mr. Warren’s website. A lot of Warren’s work is for sale on the site as well, if you are so inclined.

The wave/unicorns are one of our favorites…This guy really is operating on a level that we are not, and we love him for it.

These are a few words about the artist via Jim Warren’s Website:

‘Jim Warren is one of the most successful & versatile artists in the world today.

From the wild & whimsical to the sweet & sensuous, for over 40 years Jim Warren has been painting his way into the hearts and minds of people the world over. Already considered a “living legend of the art world”, Jim continues to surprise and amaze.

Even if you are not familiar with the name Jim Warren, you have undoubtably seen his art, in some form, at some time.

His work has been featured on hundreds of movie posters and book, record and magazine covers, most notably the Grammy Award Winning album cover he painted for Bob Seger’s “Against the Wind” in 1981.’

A World Within

Canine Companions

Celebrate Life

Dolphin Encounters


Dream Walker

If I Were A mermaid

Man and Nature

Old Man River

Sea Thru Bikini

Tiger Within


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