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Tales from the Warriors of Rock

October 5, 2010

Guitar Hero, in preparation for their Warriors of Rock game launched a website telling a few stories, first hand from band’s that are featured in the game.
including, AFI, Arch Enemy, Atreyu, Bad Brains, Band of Skulls, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Dragonforce, Five Finger Death Punch, Jethro Tull, Megadeth, RX Bandits, Strung Out, Sum 41.

The bands’ stories are then illustrated by some pretty cool illustrators and artists. Each story will be released throughout the week, and then opens up to a contest to tell the best ‘tale of rock’.

We thought this was pretty cool and genuine, and some pretty great art comes out of this.

Check it out at

Two of the stories are up now, their illustrations below.

Arch Enemy’s ‘Metal in the Maldeves’
by Avi Spivak

Band of Skulls‘ ‘I’m Playing Your Song’
by Jerrod Porter

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