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Iraqi Death Toll in Pixels

November 8, 2010

Canadian designer Kamel Makhloufi created this pixel diagram showing the Iraqi death toll using the data from the WikiLeaks IRaq files. We think this is pretty brilliant and simply lo-fi. Which sadly is in unoson with war deaths, it’s simple and sad. The details are below.

‘This simple pixel diagram displays the human death toll of the Iraq war. Blue pixels are “friendly” deaths (U.S. and coalition forces), green ones are “host” deaths (Iraqi government), gray are “enemy” deaths (insurgents) and orange, well, those are civilians.’

Blue = *Friendly*, Green = *Host* Nation, Orange = Civilians, Grey = Enemies.

First one is function of sum, second one is function of time, or how you can dilute the media impact of a massacre by killing a few people each day for 6 years.

Just remember that host nation + civilian + enemies = mostly Iraqis.
Used the cleaned dump from The Guardian.

The data was culled from the documents recently published by WikiLeaks.

via flickr.

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