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Futuristic love-crafts

November 9, 2010

This amazing man, Yelken Octuri makes fantasy spacecraft designs. This one is for horny honeymooners. (Pun Intended) we think this is really great. He even have extreme details as well as some crazy renderings. We want one.

Check out his website here.

Yelken Octuri’s bio is below, after the horneymoon spacecraft description.

Airline: Horny Moon Airways
Aircraft type: love space shuttle
Engines: ramjet “Saint-Marc & Marquet”
Designer: Yelken Octuri

  • Aerocoché
  • European Sensual Agency
  • Centre National d’ Etudes Sexuelles


  • Wingspan: 42,6 metres
  • Length: 66,9 metres
  • Height: 14,8 metres

A Space Shuttle for a weightlessness honeymoon in space. Friends and families will offer a unique space experience in zero gravity to the newly weds.

Making love in weightlessness:
Weightlessness sex must respect a few rules. The idea of zero gravity may mislead people into thinking that it’s a total freedom, while it actually is not. In a weightlessness context, any action triggers a reaction. Hence, one should be particularly attentive not be sent across the capsule and smash into the wall.
A specific mechanism is used to keep the bodies together. There are several possible solutions, such as wrapping structures or outfits equipped with a strapping system to keep the bodies together.
The selected solution is a set of straps installed across the surface of the capsule. Everybody is thus free to hold on to the straps or to tie one or several of his limbs, and then enjoy the pleasures of microgravity sex.

The inspiration of the project:
A few years ago, I reflected on the concept of a plane cabin specially fitted out for newly weds during their honeymoon. Obviously, the name of the company would have been “Honeymoon Airways”.
I envisioned several private compartments with removable bulkheads in order to ensure the privacy of each couple.
Each compartment would feature two 180-degree reclining seats that can be converted into a double bed.
Even though such cabin arrangement seemed rather eccentric, there was a real economic potential behind this project. The airplane safety regulations forced me to give up on this idea though, as the flight crew must be able to look inside each private compartment at any times. The privacy of each couple could no longer be preserved, so I had to abandon the project.
Until the day when Maxime Vaeli, the famous corporate mogul, contacted me. Maxime is well known for the multiple success of his “Vestal” brand, which includes several line of business such as air companies, retail networks and a music label.
Maxime wanted to expand his activities into space tourism and was willing to build a low-orbit capsule launching shuttle. We naturally developed the project together.


Since 1997, I am an interior designer for a plane manufacturer in Toulouse. My main occupation is the creation of color harmonies for the cabins of the new programs. The creation is made in collaboration with the customers in order to help them in fitting out their planes.
Defining the cabin materials entails creating or selecting the decoration, the fabric, the surface treatment and the floor-covering.
I also took part in several customer programs as industrial designer: furniture designs (seats, bars, kitchen areas, sofa…) or on planes being developed for furniture or cockpit design. I developed two layout concepts for VIP planes.

I am an outside contributor in higher education, giving design and 3D classes. I give regular classes at the IUP of applied arts of Montauban.
I also design lights, lamps, and furniture besides my main professional occupation.
Finally, I am graduated in design of the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts of Metz and the Monfort University of Leicester, UK.

I would like to express my gratitude to Jean-Marc Bénito, Jêrome Alousque & Fréderic Delobel (from Adab-Services) and Alexandre Guy (from Euronode), who where very helpful for me during my computer learning

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