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Williamsburg’s Camel Cigarettes

November 12, 2010

Sadly folks this IS real. Read this sad sad stuff below. Also check out he fix gear bike! hahahahaha.

We are literally rolling around Ballast HQ right now.

Joe Camel is trying to court the Joe Cools of Williamsburg with an ad campaign aimed at hipsters.
For the month of January, tobacco giant R.J. Reynolds plans to turn its Camel cigarette packs into an homage to the increasingly trendy neighborhood.
The packs will bear the neighborhood’s name along with pictures of the Williamsburg Bridge, the area’s iconic lofts and silhouettes of musicians.
The neighborhood is one of 10 around the country represented in a campaign celebrating the lifestyle of Camel smokers.
“We believe that [Williamsburg] represents a lot of the belief of the Camel brand,” R.J. Reynolds spokesman David Howard said.
“It helps illustrate the break-free attitude that Camel is about, breaking free to be your own person.”

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