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Diddy Runs the City

December 15, 2010
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We loved this one…Damn ‘viral marketing!’ Read below.

An underground ad campaign for Diddy‘s new album had some Manhattan commuters doing double takes Tuesday morning.
Signs at entrances to the Prince St. and Spring St. subway stations were convincingly altered to read “Last Train to Paris 12.14.10,” the artist’s newest album, released this week.
People dressed as train conductors also took to stations and hollered, “All aboard! Last train to Paris!”
While experienced straphangers realized the ruse was a marketing scheme, the switcheroo confused some tourists.
“It could definitely mess me up. It’s my first time in the subway,” said Katie Hubbell, 20, visiting from Reston, Va. “Paris could be a part of the city.”
New Yorkers, though, were unfazed at the over-the-top ad campaign.
“It’s not cool, but I’m not a tourist,” said Diana Jones, 18, of Harlem. “So I would know it’s not real.”
The MTA confirmed that the advertisement isn’t official, and a Prince St. station worker removed the magnetic signs by 9a.m. yesterday.
“It’s stupid. The signs confuse people,” the worker said. “We have a lot of tourists. They don’t know. This is just confusing people.”
A spokeswoman for Diddy did not respond to a request for comment.

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