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January 6, 2011

We came across this project online and it’s really great for 1. flexing your typographic skills, and 2. feeding your artsy typographic addictions.

It’s basically artists, designers and writers using 6 words to tell a small story in a 900×675 pixel image and it gets posted.

We will definitely be participating as a company policy. Take a look for yourself HERE and more details below from the site creators.

A few examples to peak your interest are below as well.


In 2010, we created Six Word Story Every Day (SWSED), a storytelling exploration through language and typography inspired by the work Ernest Hemingway regarded as his greatest: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

Now we invite the creative community to keep SWSED alive by creating your own stories.

We would love for you to participate through your writing, design – or both. Our hope is to encourage new friendships and collaborations along with an opportunity to hone and showcase your immense talents.

Feel free to source your own collaborator. If you need a designer or writer, just let us know.

– One story will be posted each day in 2011
– Stories need to be exactly 6 words and each word needs to be included in the design
– File dimensions: RGB, flattened JPG, 900 pixels by 675 pixels
– Send stories to sixwordstoryeveryday at any time
– Include story text, full names of designer and writer, website link(s) and twitter handle(s) if you’d like
– We will email you when your story is posted
– Have fun! Be original!

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