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Inside Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown: A Photographer’s Trip To Japan

April 27, 2011

Vice’s new Show Picture Perfect is killing it in terms of showcasing some really moving photographs, and it’s featured on CNN!

Details Below.

Vice’s Picture Perfect: Donald Webber Featured Today on

One of the first photographer inside the zone, Weber set out to document the unfolding nuclear crisis and Vice was there to shadow the trip

For your editorial radar, our Donald Webber episode of Picture Perfect is being featured on CNN today. In the episode, VBS traveled with Weber to the empty streets and abandoned homes surrounding Fukushima and documented the disaster for the world.

“With the earthquake and tsunami, it was a catastrophe, but it’s more of an engineering catastrophe and we can fix this,” Weber says. “But you can’t fix what’s happening at Fukushima. People just don’t understand the whole scope of the matter …”

Watch the exclusive CNN clip and then head over to VBS.TV to watch the entire full length episode of Picture Perfect: Donald Weber.

What was once seen as an isolated and frankly unrepeatable incident, Chernobyl has found a twin in Fukushima. On April 11, the Fukushima nuclear crisis was upgraded from a 5 to a 7 on the International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale, a level previously only reached at Chernobyl. Please visit for more info about how to help those affected by the disaster.

About The Series Picture Perfect

Brought to you by and Incase, Picture Perfect is a video series dedicated to documenting the work and lives of our favorite photojournalists. Each month, we go behind the scenes to explore their artistic process as they go on assignment to all corners of the Earth. We’ll see their successes and challenges as they attempt to capture life in a variety of interesting locales.



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