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VICE’s Scratch and Sniff Photo Issue

July 11, 2011

Remember when Scratch n Sniff was around? Guess what It’s back. The well sought after annual oversized issue now has an amazing scratch and sniff cover. The ‘scent map’ is below as well as a list of the photographers below. Go get one before they all disappear in about 1 hour, as they say.

Patrick Tsai – The farm
Estelle Hanania – Happy Purim
Lele Saveri – Hooray, Jesus is Dead!
Jerry Hsu – Table for One
Gavin Watson – Night Sketches
Braydon Szafranski – Photos From the Making of “Stay Gold”
Chris Nieratko – Lost Submissions
Asger Carlsen – Hester
Peter Beste – Chemtrails
Vincent Fournier – The End of the Future
Danielle Levitt – Honeys
Tim Freccia – The Cowboys of Yirol
Martin Parr – Posh Snow
Ken Miller – The Good Shit
Christian Lombardi – The Bad Shit
Mike de Leon – PDC
Peter Sutherland – Mark, When You Feel like Talking let Me Know
Richard Kern – Medicated
Jason Fulford – Gypsy Eyes
Josh Tonsfeldt – Five Photos
Slava Mogutin – Crimean Holiday
Jim Mangan – Color’d
Ben Ritter – Deep in the Bush
The Ardorous – Infatuated
Janicza Bravo – Toupee: Tropical Dream
Terry Richardson – Tons of Fun
Kenneth Cappello – Hello, This is the Chocolate Factory
Mick Rock – Melvins/Kick/Stick/Mick
Mick Rock – Vile/Linger/Gun/Finger
Alex Singh – Getting Tweaked with Tripple Nipples
Julian Burgin – One Flash Bastard
Brayden Olson – Lo-Lifes Then and Now
Kate Brooks – Selections from “In the Light of Darkness”
Jennifer Osborne – In and Out of Bangu
Max Merz – Morgue Maestros

Read the rest at Vice Magazine: HERE COMES THE PHOTO ISSUE! – Viceland Today

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