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The Creators Project: DUMBO New York

October 13, 2011

If you have the ability to make it down to DUMBO this weekend, there will be a plethora of incredible tech-driven art, installations, performance pieces and Live music thanks to The Creators Project, a partnership with VICE media, (the youth-oriented media giant that we feature regularly on our site) and Intel, the largest manufacturer of computer chips on earth.

Some of the top works will include a ‘deconstruction of flemish masterpieces’ by one of our favorite artists Quayola. As well as the top dogs such as UVA from London etc.

More info at the end of the post on RSVP etc.



UVA’s work at the Tobacco Warehouse being set up this week…

This year we’re hosting an unforgettable art and technology festival in DUMBO, Brooklyn on October 15 &16th.

All year long we’ve been working with Creators of all kinds on the development of new Studio works and debuting them at our international events, starting with Coachella this April and, most recently, in Seoul and Beijing. Some of the artworks have traveled the globe all summer, like the final adaptation of UVA’s audio-visual sculpture, with a soundtrack by composer Scanner, which will be the largest responsive work ever created by the UK based artists. We’ll also be showing Jonathan Glazer, J. Spaceman, Undisclosable and One of Us’s immersive sound installation, Mick Rock and Barney Clay’s David Bowie transfiguration and Quayola’s latest work, Strata #4. We’ll also be unveiling installations from a few incredible artists discovered via our Gallery and premiering the interactive works from our Art Hack Weekend winners.

On Saturday, there will be dozens of live music performances from bands like Florence + the Machine, A$AP Rocky,Atlas Sound, Company Flow, Four Tet and John Maus, to name a few. There will also be a slew of DJ sets, including the triumphant return of Justice, who will be playing their first NYC DJ set in two years, Juan MacLean, one of the most notorious artists on the DFA roster, as well as Nic Thorburn from the beloved indie-pop band Islands and the electronic duo The Golden Filter.

To cap it all off, we’ll also be screening films over the weekend including Art of Flight, the latest daredevil snowboarding action sports film from Curt Morgan (Brain Farm) and pro-boarder Travis Rice (produced by Red Bull Media House), Spike Jonze and Arcade Fire‘s Scenes from the Suburbs and Peng Lei’s Follow Follow.

The event will be free and open to the public, though RSVP is mandatory and all venues will be subject to capacity regulations. In addition to the two outdoor stages and an indoor DJ hub, there will be a plethora of food and beverages from the Brooklyn Flea and a host of major art installations and films spread out over 11 different venues in DUMBO. Take the East River Ferry directly to Brooklyn Bridge Park for easy access to the event.

We’ve already told you that we’re debuting Karen O‘s mysterious and seductive psycho-opera Stop the Virgens—an assault on the tragic joys of youth. As our only ticketed performance, tickets are quickly selling out. For ticket information visit St. Ann’s Warehouse, watch a trailer of the performance here.

RSVP here.
For Media inquiries email Media.

Download The Creators Project free mobile app for Android, iPhone, or iPad to stay connected during the event.

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