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Trillwave is Officially Here: LiveLoveA$AP

November 2, 2011

Guest Music Editor Proper Gentleman breaks it down on the new LiveLoveA$AP!

Trillwave is officially here. Earlier this week, 23 year Harlem artist A$AP Rocky dropped his first full length effort, LiveLoveA$AP. The album has lots of components, a New York rapper clearly influenced by the dirty south, mellow screwed and syrupy Clams Casino beats (also see Lil B – Im God), and most of all, lots and lots of swag. SWAG! is something that has been going around for some time, but unlike MIA’s corner swag or Travis Porter’s white boy swag, A$AP seems to actually have it. He is young, cool, from Harlem, and self proclaimed “pretty mother fucker”. He is not a New York rapper, he is a rapper from New York. This shines through in the way he dresses to the art direction for his videos, to the producers he works with, to the way he raps. Because of this, he has managed to bring some vibrance to rap. He knows he’s the shit, and doesnt need to prove it. SWAG!




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