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Scott Hove Shows His Fangs

November 3, 2011

Our friend Scott Hove that we have interviewed in the past, for his famous cake art, has given us some of his other work involving amazing fangs. Below is his description in detail and some amazing images to follow.

From Scott–

“The fang and/or bone assemblages and sculptures, also called the atrocity series, are the earliest representations of what was to become the Cakeland sculptures. I would work on arranging the teeth with other objects and make my aesthetic decisions based on how uncomfortable they made me feel, yet kept them in touch with a somewhat classical design sense that I have always adhered to. I have been doing works of this nature for most of my career. Not surprisingly, they never found a huge following, because looking at them is like listening to loud death metal- great for a minute then your head starts to hurt. When I started the Cakeland series, the sculptures had no teeth, and no staying power. By integrating the unbridled fierceness of the Atrocity series into the cakes, in varying degrees of intensity, the cakes really arrived.”

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