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Pinar & Viola: Diplo & Oliver Twizt GO Single Art

November 9, 2011

Dutch Graphic Design Duo Pinar and Viola made the wild and rave-ish cover art for the new single that Diplo and Oliver Twizt released titled GO. You can buy that here if you want from Mad Decent

We like how these guys use the aesthetic of internet imagery to create some wild stuff! More about them below.

About Pinar & Viola:

Pinar Demirdag and Viola Renate, are an independent graphic design duo which creates hyper detailed surfaces by ‘scanning’ the contemporary visual culture, and ‘printing’ ecstatic surfaces in return. Our work invites the viewer to experience a kind of visual ecstasy in front of our two-dimensional surfaces. That’s why we started using the term ‘Ecstatic Surface Design’ to frame our graphic design practice.

Ever since 2009, one year after we met at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam, we have been sharing this vision of what our graphic design should be about.

As Pinar&Viola, we initiated a new modus operandi in the cosmos of graphic design which is an experiment on the fulfillment of surfaces. Every year, we’ll be launching an autonomous Ecstatic Surface Collection which tends to be recognized as the ‘haute couture’ of our practice.

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