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2nd Ave Subway Line Public Art

February 6, 2012

© Sarah Sze

We are extremely excited to hear that this is already in their minds…

The first phase, which runs from 96th to 63rd Streets, is finally slated for completion in December 2016. Meanwhile, Arts for Transit, the MTA agency that commissions public art in subway and commuter rail stations across the five boroughs, is already making plans for its own contribution to the line. The agency’s panel of arts professionals has selected sculptor Sarah Sze and artistJean Shin to create massive site-specific installations for two forthcoming stations, and two other artist commissions are currently in the works.

Shin, known for her vast installations of cast-off objects like clothes and lottery tickets, took inspiration from the history of the subway station to create her installation at the 63rd Street stop. Her massive mosaic depicts the steel girders and beams used to create the original station on the East Side in the 1940s, with figures in period dress strolling below. As the rider descends, a blue sky pattern is poured into the outline of the elevated train. At the platform level, a glass partition separating the riders from the train is printed with a slightly reflective pattern resembling a cityscape.

via Artinfo

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