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Trend ALERT: Chain Wallets #trending

August 3, 2012

Being as we are always committed 110% to being on the absolute cutting edge of trendspotting, we bring you this epic TREND ALERT, the Chain wallet is back in a HUGE way, this is going to pop off so hard this fall it’s going to make you forget about your foxtail.

The choices of personal expression are just exhilarating with a chain and the wallet, it’s 2 pieces of flare in one. Here are some of your fall options

The Big Boy: Ain’t nobody snatching that thang, it’s on a chain that could hold 2 pitbulls!

Skull Chain: This just screams badass, who would dare touch it!

Sophisticato: Just cause you’re atop a pony, or skeet shooting doesn’t mean you can compromise on security.

The Gremlin: For you sci-fi geeks

Band Wallet: Great high school choice

The Knee Length: This is bold, people are going to notice you. It’s going to make noise when you walk. #swag

Too Hot to Handle: Biker grade / Hot topic goth choice

The Average: Standard swag, standard security

The Weezy F Baby: Young Moola Baby

Double Trouble: Double the chain, double the trouble, double the choices. Can’t go wrong with this bad boy.

The Poser/Mini chain: This is basically pointless, especially when paired with flops. If you’re wearing flops every thief knows you can’t run. Your wallet is already gone, and this is just advertising you are carrying a wallet thats easy to steal.

The 90’s: GI Joe, classic mall pickup

The Hip Hops: Everyone knows cookie and elmo are thug, it all started with that South Pole cartoon thug movement, this is gangster.

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  1. August 9, 2012 12:58 pm

    dear god, no!

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