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Devin Powers at Lesley Heller Workspace

October 25, 2012

Last night Lesley Heller Workspace presented Devin Powers‘ first solo painting show in New York City. Powers’ work in person is stunningly intricate with lines of matte oil paint geometrically webbed across a fine woven canvas that almost resembled a tight linen to us.

One of the strongest displays of the young contemporary painting this year for the Lower East Side in our opinions.

Some details after the photos.

Powers enjoys the “grit and smudge” of his handmade process. It is a metaphor for “how this Apollonian or Platonic mathematical world brushes against our messy reality.” The patterns he makes have no fixed answer, yet they evoke a semblance of infinity – for Powers, painting is about discovery.

Devin Powers received a BA in Studio Art from Bennington College in 2005 and an MFA in Painting and Drawing in 2009 from Brooklyn College. Since graduation he has had three solo exhibitions; “Things Keep Their Secrets” at Win Wilder Hall in Rockland, ME, “Unification” at the Kent Place School Gallery in Summit, NJ, and “Clotho” at the Brooklyn College Library in Brooklyn, NY.

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